William "Billy" Pratt is a main supporting character in Sammy Keyes. He is known as the Class Clown.


Billy was held back a year and ended up being in the same grade as Sammy and her friends. He went to the same pre-school as Danny Urbanski did, and started something called "the Nap Nazi". Billy's father doesn't seem to defend him if he gets in trouble, but his mom will come. His father would sometimes abuse him physically.

In Sammy Keyes and the Wedding Crasher, Billy is blackmailed by Heather Acosta for writing "DIE DUDE" on Mr. Vince's board because Heather told him to. Billy was dressed as a soldier, goofing around, going "DIE DUDE, DIE DUDE." Heather said it would be a crack-up if he wrote it on the board and Mr. Vince rolled it up the screen. But, while he was writing the message, she took a picture of him without him knowing. She makes him do stuff like get her lunch, tie her shoe, do her homework, give her 20 bucks, etc. But, after the board incident, a rat showed up in Mr. Vince's desk drawer and Billy didn't do it that time.


As he is the class clown, that is probably why Billy was held back. He is the obnoxious, albeit lovable classmate of Sammy. He is a good friend and can cheer people up with his comedy, including Cassie Kuo, the shy girl. Billy kissed Sammy on a dare by Heather to ruin Sammy's relationship with Casey, but to make it up to her, he kissed Heather (the codfish) durring the school drama play.

Billy has feelings for Marissa, and he started to date her in Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls, but they later broke up.


  • Unknown father
  • Unknown mother