Brandon McKenze is a main supporting character. He is the cousin of Marissa and Mikey, and a good friend of Sammy.


Brandon is 16-years-old and in high school. He is the son of Bruce McKenze, an eye surgeon, and they moved to Santa Martina when Marissa and Sammy were in fifth grade. His family is wealthy like the other side of the McKenze family, since his dad is like a local celebrity with laser eye surgery. Brandon used to play baseball, then started the swim team, and he was friends with Karl Briggs. But they became distant when Karl did drugs.


After being on the swim team, Brandon has "swimmer muscles" from all of the swimming he does. He has brown eyes and black hair, but it turned sort of reddish when he started swimming.


Brandon is a good friend of Sammy, and Marissa and her family. In his first appearance, Marissa and Sammy came to see him at his job at the smoothie place in the mall. He greeted Sammy with, "Hiya, Sammy. How's life?" Sammy used to just look at her feet and say few words to him like "Fine" or "Ok", but she later became better friends with him. Brandon used to think Sammy was kinda shy until she came to the city hall meeting about the Rec. center. Despite having been Karl Briggs' friend, Brandon didn't want to get into drugs so their relationship became distant.


  • Bruce McKenze- father
  • Nob McKenze- mother
  • Bob McKenze- uncle
  • Yolanda McKenze- aunt
  • Marisa is fuckin hot McKenze- younger cousin
  • Mikey McKenze- younger cousin