Candi Acosta is the mother of Heather and Casey Acosta, and the ex-wife of Warren Acosta.


Candy married Warren Acosta, and she gave birth to Casey fourteen years before the series start. Then a year later gave birth to Heather, thirteen years before the start. Sometime years later, she and Warren divorced and she took custody of Heather and lived in Santa Martina, while Warren lived with Casey in Sisquane.


Candi has red hair, the color of a new penny. She has a bizarre fashion sense that varies; at Heather's Halloween party, she looked like she was something out of a weird sixties movie. She was wearing a hot-pink scoop-neck blouse with sleeves that look like little petticoats, and green spandex pants. Her hair swooped right over her left eyebrow, clear around her head, and into a monster beehive.Then at the parent-teacher conference, she had on white high-heels, a purple mini skirt, and a puffy white blouse.


Like her daughter, Candi has traits that are vicious and impolite. Heather probably takes her personality after her. Candi is very defendent of Heather, and yelled at Sammy at the conference when she suggested that Heather needed professional help. She insulted Sammy that she was the one who needed help, and she seemed to have disregarded that Heather had been harassing Sammy in the first place. Despite this, Candi doesn't like Heather making a scene in public, as seen when Heather lunged at Sammy, and when Heather yelled in the restaraunt when Sammy got her birthday present. Candi has a bizarre way of dressing, as noted by her appearance, and thinks she's a young woman who can still pick up twenty-year-olds, and drives a bright red convertible as if she's a classy lady or something. Candi hates Sammy, and possibly Lana, too.


  • Warren Acosta- Ex-husband
  • Casey Acosta- son
  • Heather Acosta- daughter


  • Candi is 40-years-old.
  • Before she was seen at the Halloween party, a woman at Bargain books who was dressed in a weird outfit was buying Halloween books for a party; it's possible this could have been Candi buying books for decorations at Heather's party.