Gina, professionally known as Madame Nashira, is a minor character appearing time-to-time in the books, her debut being the first book, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief . She works at her business Madame Nashira's House of Astrology. In Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, a burglar, later revealed as Larry Daniels, also known as Oscar, broke into her room at the Heavenly Hotel and stole four thousand dollars from her purse while she was in the shower. Sammy saw the whole burglary go down from the Senior Highrise across the street through her binoculars. 


Gina is friendly, yet blunt. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, especially when, for example, the police were investigating her stolen money and she complained about their incompetence and nosy questions. She usually has a casual demeanor, along with a bit of sarcasm, like towards T.J. who she's known for years. Gina really likes Sammy, starting from their first meeting at the Heavenly when Sammy gave helpful information about the robbery. She even defended Sammy when Officer Borsch was kinda picking on her. 

Since Gina works at Madame Nashira's House of Astrology, she is really passionate about astrology. She really wanted to do Sammy's birth chart since September, and finally got to in April after her birthday. A birth certificate is all that's needed and then she gets to work. It takes a while to finish so Gina is usually working hard through the night to complete it. Despite being all for astrology, though, she thinks telling people's fortunes is bogus. But she only does them because she won't turn down ten bucks. When Gina is on the job as Madame Nashira, her voice becomes deeper and dreamier.


Gina usually dresses similar to a Gypsy fortuneteller. Her hair is all swirled around on top of her head and plastered with hair spray. She wears long earrings, and has really long fingernails painted in astrological theme.