Margaret "Dot" DeVries is a main character and friend of Sammy who debuted in the second book, Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man.


Dot's real name is Margaret, but she is nick-named "Dot" because of the beauty mark on the middle of her cheeck. It's not a mole, and it's not bumpy or lumpy or poking out hair. It's just this black circle on her face that looks like it's been colored in with a fountain pen. Dot has big brown eyes and front teeth that sort of criss-cross in front, and she gets this trait and the beauty mark trait from her dad. She was described to blink a lot.


In Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man Sammy gives a description of Dot. She is kind of quiet and blinks a lot and always bring root beer in her lunch. As Dot is Dutch, she knows a lot of the Dutch culture. Dot is nice and when she was just introduced in the second book Sammy and Marissa didn't know her very well, but Sammy already liked her. When Aneke and Beppie, Dot's little sisters, make mischief Dot will reprimand them. Dot seems to not like scary things or getting in trouble, as she decided to reprise her bumble bee costume and take her little sisters out trick-or-treating instead of being zombies with her friends in Sammy Keyes and the Night of Skulls.


  • Mrs. DeVries- Mother
  • Mr. DeVries- Father
  • Stan and Troy- Older brothers
  • Anneke and Beppie- Younger sisters
  • Unknown grandmother


  • Dot's temperament has been described as Phlegmatic.
  • Dot knows of Sammy's living situation.