Monet Jarlsberg is a friend of Heather Acosta. She, along with Tenille Toolee, make up Heather's posse.


Monet is a friend of Heather. She and Tenille seem to exist to do Heather's bidding, such as spying on Sammy and her friends. She is described as one of Heather's copy-cat friends, following the supposedly "cool" crowd. She and Tenille both act stupid, and follow Heather's orders. Despite being loyal to Heather, they are cowardly, and after Holly punched Heather, instead of following her orders to attack Holly and Sammy, they told Sammy and Holly that they were just walking to school, and ran away. Like Heather, Monet smokes cigarettes and drinks beer. But when she and Heather were smoking at the Halloween party, she was coughing, and she supposedly told Heather she did this before. Monet was on the William Rose Junior High School softball team. Sammy thought she blackmailed someone to get her position. Sammy also described Monet to sound like a Barbie with a mosquito up her nose.


  • Mrs. Jarlsberg-mother