Santa Martina is a fictional town and the main setting of Sammy Keyes. It is where most of the mysteries play out during the books.

Notable ResidencesEdit

  • Some characters whose homes or addresses have been mentioned are listed with the address.
  • Sammy Keyes- Senior Highrise
  • Rita "Grams" Keyes- Senior Highrise
  • Marissa McKenze- Cypress Street(temporarily) formerly- East Jasmine
  • Holly Janquell- Pup Parlor
  • Margaret "Dot" DeVries- Sisquane
  • Heather Acosta- In town
  • Casey Acosta- In town, formerly- Sisquane
  • Hudson Graham- Cypress Street
  • Officer Borsch
  • Rose Wedgewood- Senior Highrise
  • Ellyssa- Cypress Street

Surrounding AreaEdit

  • Sisquane
  • Pomloc
  • Santa Luisa
  • Los Angeles

Businesses, Housing Areas, and StoresEdit

  • Santa Martina Town Center Mall
  • Senior High Rise
  • Heavenly Hotel
  • CeCe's Thrift Store
  • Cheezer's Pizza
  • K.C. Shoes
  • Juicers
  • Maynard's Market
  • Sunset Reality
  • The Red Coach
  • Madam Nashira's House of Astrology
  • The Pup Parlor
  • Santa Martina Inn
  • Slammin' Dave's Pro Wrestling School
  • St. Mary's Church
  • Community Presbyterian Church
  • William Rose Junior High School
  • Paul Bruster Junior High School
  • Santa Martina High School
  • Peg's Donut Shop
  • Kojo Buffet

Known StreetsEdit

  • Broadway
  • Main
  • Morrison Avenue
  • Cyrpess Street
  • East Jasmine
  • Miller
  • Hopper Street
  • Elm Street
  • Constance Avenue
  • Feere Street
  • Orange Street


  • Santa Martina has a large Hispanic population.
  • On Halloween, Feere Street is decorated like a graveyard with a haunted house.
  • Santa Martina and and some other towns in its surrounding area are based off real towns in California.